PhysicalGeography.net contains six main components: Fundamentals (of Physical Geography) Online eBook, Understanding (Physical Geography) Online eBook, Learning Visualizations, Glossary of Terms, Internet Weblinks, and Search Site.

The Fundamentals of Physical Geography (2nd Edition) online textbook describes an area of knowledge within Geography known as Physical Geography. The overall purpose of this work is to teach the connected world about my favorite topic of conversation Physical Geography. The Fundamentals of Physical Geography online textbook contains over three hundred pages of information and more than four hundred 2-D illustrations, photographs, and animated graphics organized into ten chapters. Important key terms in the text are linked to an interactive Glossary of Terms. Nested within the pages of this online textbook are links to study guide pages and additional reading pages for each chapter. Please note that the pages found in this work are always in a state of being improved. Your comments and corrections, emailed to me, play an important role in this process.

As you have already learned, key terms in the online textbook Fundamentals of Physical Geography and Understanding Physical Geography are hyperlinked to a Glossary of Terms. This Glossary of Terms contains the definitions for about 2000 terms commonly used in Physical Geography (and Earth Science).

I am currently preparing a new free eBook titled Understanding Physical Geography. This eBook will contain significantly more information than Fundamentals of Physical Geography and will be written for a 1st year university audience. Each chapter of this eBook will be available in PDF format, which should make the printing of hard copies relatively easy. Several draft chapters are now available for downloading.

The Learning Visualizations component of this site is another work in progress. In this component of PhysicalGeography.net, you will find high resolution copies of the figures and photographs I use in the eBooks Fundamentals of Physical Geography and Understanding Physical Geography. This component will also contain a number of animations that I have created for explaining various concepts in Physical Geography. Educators and students have my open permission to use figures, photographs, animations that I have created in their lectures and other educational projects. Authors and textbook publishers do not have my permission to use these items in commercial publications. Permission for commercial use of my work must be negotiated with me on an individual basis.

The Internet Weblinks component of this site contains hundreds of links to sites on the internet that contain useful information related to Physical Geography. These links are organized according to the chapters found in the Fundamentals of Physical Geography online textbook.

To help find information on this site quickly a Google search engine is available. To use the search engine select the "Search Site" link located in the top navigation bar found on most of the site's pages.

We would also like to thank all those individuals who contacted me about typos and other errors in my web pages. A special thanks goes out to Allen Hutchinson for his diligence in providing numerous suggestions on how to improve the readability of this work.

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