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Table of Contents



Part 1. Introduction to Physical Geography

Chapter 1. Introduction to Physical Geography

Chapter 2. Maps, GIS, and Remote Sensing


Part 2. Matter, Energy, and Our Planet

Chapter 3. Matter, Energy, and the Universe

Chapter 4. Solar Radiation and the Earth


Part 3. The Atmosphere

Chapter 5. Atmospheric Structure and Radiation Transfer

Chapter 6. Energy, Temperature, and Heat

Chapter 7. Atmospheric Pressure and Wind

Chapter 8. Thunderstorms, Mid-Latitude Cyclones, and Hurricanes

Chapter 9. Climatic Regions and Climate Change

Chapter 10. Human Alteration of the Atmosphere


Part 4. The Hydrosphere

Chapter 11. Introduction to the Hydrosphere

Chapter 12. Atmospheric Hydrology

Chapter 13. Surface and Subsurface Hydrology

Chapter 14. The Oceans

Chapter 15. Human Alteration of the Hydrosphere


Part 5. The Lithosphere

Chapter 16. Introduction to the Lithosphere

Chapter 17. Earth Structure, Plate Tectonics, and Surface Physiography

Chapter 18. Volcanism and Diastrophism

Chapter 19. Weathering Processes and Landforms

Chapter 20. Hillslope Processes and Landforms

Chapter 21. Fluvial Processes and Landforms

Chapter 22. Glacial and Periglacial Processes and Landforms

Chapter 23. Coastal Processes and Landforms

Chapter 24. Eolian Processes and Landforms

Chapter 25. Human Alteration of the Lithosphere


Part 6. The Biosphere

Chapter 26. Introduction to Life

Chapter 27. Spatial Distribution of Species and Ecosystems

Chapter 28. Biogeochemical Cycling and Ecosystem Productivity

Chapter 29. Soils and Soil Classification

Chapter 30. Human Alteration of the Biosphere



Appendix 1. Units, Conversions, and Abbreviations

Appendix 2. Using Topographic Maps

Appendix 3. Periodic Table of Elements

Appendix 4. Koppen Climate Classification

Appendix 5. Canadian Soil Classification System


Citation: Pidwirny, M. (20??). Understanding Physical Geography, 1st Edition. Date Viewed.




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